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Pointblank Business Technology is a small business consulting firm that provides strategic, marketing, operational and financial advice to tanning salon clients in various stages of development.  We also market TanPlan, a business planning and financial modeling application for tanning salons. 

Whether you are a tanning salon newcomer or existing tanning salon owner we provide you with the knowledge and know-how to become a more effective salon manager and empower you to improve your salon performance, profitability and return-on-investment.

We provide invaluable advice and information for salon pros and newcomers to the indoor tanning industry.  Our consultancy includes an all-inclusive turnkey solution designed to get newcomers from the planning stages to your grand opening and beyond.

If you are an existing tanning salon owner or newcomer we can show you how to drive your tanning salon towards optimal performance and profitability.  We can show you how to properly position, market and promote your salon, methods to attract new customers, ways to improve customer retention and loyalty, teach you defensive strategies for protecting market share and how to identify the needs of your customers to grow your business. 

We look beyond the numbers, but at your competitive strengths and weaknesses, management skills and capabilities, your understanding of your local market, whether you set goals and have a strategic plan in place to achieve them, whether you are taking advantage of all opportunities available to you and whether you are on top of the latest trends in the tanning salon industry.         

In order to be successful in the tanning salon industry you must have a strategic plan in place.  Your strategic plan should be visionary, conceptual and directional.  Furthermore, your strategic plan must be realistic and attainable.

Strategic planning is a management tool used to help ensure that salon pros and newcomers can achieve their goals and objectives and to assess and adjust the salon's direction in response to a changing competitive situation.

In short, strategic planning is a closely controlled effort to shape and guide a business in regards to what it is, what it wants to be, what it does, and why it does it, what it wants to do and a time frame for how it will all be done in the near, short term and long term future.

Prior to developing a strategic plan you must clearly identify the current status and objectives of the existing tanning salon or the new tanning salon venture.  Based upon those identifications you can now begin to delve into the strategic planning process which will include the following critical elements:

Strategic planning begins with brainstorming sessions focused around your salon's goals and objectives.  A great deal of planning is necessary before any business strategies can be implemented.  Strategic Plans, Business Plans and Marketing Plans all need to be reviewed and changed often to adapt to ever changing business conditions as well as change of goals and objectives.

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